Credits for Images and Videos

Design credits for Terramar’s Logos goes to the amazingly creative and inspiried Christine Lamb of Christine Lamb Studios. Thank you!

Some incredible mages, as noted, have been taken by the wonderful wildlife photographer Atmo Kubesa. For almost 20 years, Atmo has been taking pictures and videos of the dolphins around Bimini with Wildquest. We have been out with Atmo and Wildquest and have always been impressed with the respect they show to the dolphins who choose to swim with us. Atmo’s photos transcend the depth and the magic of the human-dolphin connection. You can buy his images from his website if you want to bring some dolphin love into your home. Thank you, Atmo, for so generously sharing your images to help our work!


Lindsey Eltinge took many of the headshots that Toni Frohoff has used over the years. She  is one of the most brilliant (and fun) photographers we know! Whether she is phographing dolphins for science …or people or dogs for portraits … we cannot praiser her work enough. Please check out Lindsey’s website to learn more about her beautiful photography as well as her canine rescue too!

Terramar is indebted to Caroline Saxon for her image collection, curation, and design support for our presentations and for this  website.

Robin Lindsey of Robin Lindsey Photography generously and skillfully shared photos of Toni Frohoff and many beautiful seals and sea lions with Terramar Research. She also designed and created the original version of our website for which we will always be grateful.