Conception Dive Boat Tragedy: Our Hearts Go Out To All the Victims
September 6, 2019
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New Report on SeaWorld: Stop Using Dolphins as Surfboards

A new report co-authored by PETA Foundation veterinarian Heather Rally and Toni Frohoff, Co-Founder of TerraMar, emphasizes that dolphins used as surfboards is inhumane and sends dangerous messages about the exploitation of wildlife.

Blackfish Director, Gabriela Cowperthwaite , Toni Frohoff, Ph.D., and Heather Rally, DVM, spoke at a press conference on June 5, 2019 in San Diego. Frohoff said, “We are in a new era in which science has awakened us from antiquated and preconceived notions about dolphins and whales,” said Toni Frohoff during a news conference. “I am but one of many scientists who have concluded that holding dolphins in tanks is not only ethically unjustifiable – it is also scientifically indefensible; especially when they are made to perform unnatural behaviors for their dinner – and for our entertainment.”

Click here to TAKE ACTION and see video footage of some of the incients at SeaWorld.