UCSB Student Documentary Featuring Terramar’s POD Research on Dolphins Premiered!
September 13, 2019
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NOW Conference in Delphi, Greece: Oracle Directory

Toni Frohoff, Ph.D., founder of Terramar, was invited to the NOW – Nature of Wonders Assembly – in Delphi (10-14 October) to incorporate the voices of cetaceans and elephants. With over 150 participants from 25 countries including scientists, practitioners, and business, cultural, and political figures, included in the “Top 100” rankings of their respective spheres of activity. An unprecedented multidisciplinary group of contemporary leaders. Generously created by the inimitable Nicole and Alexandre Gratofsky.


In photo above, Toni is at the ancient site of the Oracle with esteemed attendees including Gerald Pollack Ph.D. (Fourth Phase of Water), Venerable Barry Kerzin MD, Astronomer R. Brent Tully, Ph.D. & Dr. Kurt Barnes.